Saturday, March 30, 2013

That Intoxicating Baby Smell

Whoever came up with the formula for Johnson and Johnson Lavender Baby Shampoo should be a millionaire. I don't know of any girl/woman/mother/grandmother who can hold a baby, smell that scent, and not "ooh" and "ahh" over the drooling, screaming child in her arms. We spent the morning at Sanyu Babies Home hanging out with the babies there. Technically, we were going to help out doing laundry/feeding babies/etc., but we mostly just played with the kids. Also, when you hold a baby and it falls asleep on you, there's not much to do but sit there and hold him (and by default smell the lavender shampoo mentioned above). Spending time there really makes me want to adopt (not for a while!) - just seeing the smiles on the kids' faces when we held them was so wonderful.

Since it's Easter weekend, all of us students get a 4 day weekend! We didn't have any big plans, so we've been hitting up some local coffee shops, checked out a market today, and have just generally been lazy! Two of our good friends from Sweden are leaving tomorrow, so tonight we'll go out with them one last time. Next week I'm planning to start OB, so I'll post another update at that point - I'm sure I'll be entirely overwhelmed again!

Until then, happy easter everyone!
Yep, I'm a pretty boring person...nothing better to do than sleep when you hang out with me

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