Friday, March 15, 2013

Pros and Cons of Travelling Alone

Overall, taking on Italy alone has been wonderful! I’m so glad to have this opportunity. Throughout the past few days I’ve thought of several times I’ve been happy to be alone, but also times I wish I had someone else along. So, for anyone thinking about travelling solo, here’s my two cents.

  • ·         You can accomplish more in a shorter period of time
  • ·         You set the schedule and no one complains about it! Aka, you can nap whenever you want!
  • ·         No worrying about whether the other person/people are enjoying themselves
  • ·         Placing yourself in photos doesn’t seem as important, so less asking strangers to take pictures
  • ·         You don’t feel guilty when you want to stop at another gelatteria. Or when you get a medium instead of a small. Again.
  • ·         You can dart across the street without warning your travelling companion.
  • ·         You can practice phrases in all the languages you know and when you mess up, no one is the wiser! Seriously, today I butchered Italian, German, and Spanish.
  • ·         When you go out for a nice meal, get seated next to an older American couple, and chat with them, they often feel compelled to help pay for your meal. In fact, any parent/grandparent aged couples, regardless of nationality, take you under their wing for whatever time you happen to be with them.

  • ·         You can’t let your guard down.
  • ·         You really shouldn’t have a third glass of wine when you’re out to eat.
  • ·         You drink that third glass of wine in your hostel. Alone.
  • ·         No one in the hostel speaks English or any language you would attempt to converse in.
  • ·         You can’t strike the same pose as a ridiculous statue/bust that you walk by and have your photo taken. I mean, you could ask a stranger, but that is slightly awkward.

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