Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Laundry is easier at home

Well today I am happy to report zero deaths. After a 5 year old boy died in trauma yesterday, I needed an easier day. I also have a funny cultural story to share from today... one of the Ugandan interns was taking a history in Luganda at the casualty department, so I was just standing back not really paying attention. At one point in the middle of the history, the intern grabbed me by the hand, pulled me into the conversation, and continued to hold my hand during the rest of the history (still in Luganda). Now holding hands is very much a cultural norm here, and while I realized that it was still a very weird experience to hold hands with a doctor at work. Ha - sorry Brad :)

On a separate note, Danielle and I did our first round of laundry last night. I must say that I will never take a washing machine for granted again. The first rinse turned the water muddy, the "wash cycle" (aka soap) also turned the water muddy, the second rinse was slightly better, and by the last time I ran the clothes under the faucet I had given up any hope of truly clean clothes. I was pleasantly surprised that they had a fresh scent when I took them down from the line today. I don't think that there is any way to keep from smelly musky (musty?) while here, but hopefully I'll at least have decent smelling clothes occasionally!


Me working on laundry in my PJ's and Danielle hanging up her clean clothes

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