Wednesday, March 13, 2013

All subways smell the same

While riding around the metro today, it hit me that all subways smell the same. Three continents, many cities, same smell.

Today I spent a LOT of time in transit. I was at the train station in Manarola for an 0855 train hoping to get into Rome around 1300. Turns out that train only runs on holidays - whoops! I got into rainy Rome around 1630 (shortly after the new pope was elected!) and ended up wandering up and down this street looking for my hostel, turning a 5 minute walk into a 40 minute walk. Now usually I'm a fairly adept traveller. I don't really freak out and I usually enjoy getting lost (adventura, as Stephanie would say). However, in the rain, toting this heavy pack all day, and not having eaten for several hours all took their toll on me and it really took all my fortitude to not start crying in the street! Luckily I was able to get it together and FINALLY found the tiny house number (and really, how is #70 across the street from #45???). Hostella Female Only is rather adorable, and as it is only women it smells quite fresh! After a quick minute to get myself gathered and unpacked (and grab a fruit bar), I set off on my next adventura!

Walking around Rome instills you with a sense of awe, and also, a good idea of how insignificant you really are in the world! After a quick stop at Trevi Fountain, I proceeded to the Pantheon. WOW. I tried to take so many pictures to convey the vastness of the Pantheon, but there are just no pictures to do it justice. This is the best I could do. It is one of the more incredible man-made sights I have seen.
After stops at Lo Zozzone and Piazza Navona, my next (and highly anticipated) food stop was Giolitti, this AMAZING gelato place. After pondering my insignificance, this gelato made me feel pretty OK about it. 
I had planned to do a Rocky style run up the Spanish steps after Giolitti, but that turned into 10 minutes of taking pictures from the bottom before convincing myself to trudge up to the top. I did sing the Rocky theme song in my head in slow motion as I trudged, and that made me feel a bit better! 

Tomorrow starts bright and early at the Vatican! It will be so exciting to be there the day after a new pope has been elected! I'll also be going down into the Necropolis and can't wait for that! 

Arrivederci for now! 

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  1. The Pantheon is my favorite! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! HUGS.