Monday, March 11, 2013

Holy Hills, Batman!!

27 hours after my flight left Des Moines, I've arrived safe and sound in Manarola, Italy. I knew the place would be hilly, but WOW! I had forgotten what real "hills" are. When I made this reservation, the website talked about "gorgeous views from the top of the village" and I thought that sounded pretty nifty. However, carrying a 50 pound pack up to the top, I realized that I should be doing more cardio!

I'm settled in my hostel (Hostel 5 Terre) and as of right now, I'm the only person in my 4-man room - bonus! I also had the chance to explore Manarola a bit and snagged this shot just after sunset - SO GORGEOUS! This makes all the hills worth it, and hey, I get to feel less guilty about all the gelato and wine I'll be imbibing on in the next few days. Speaking of which, it's dinnertime here, so I'm going to head to Trattoria dal Billy for some of the best food in town! More to come later!

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  1. Advice. Eat all of the gelatto. Drink all of the wine.