Thursday, April 25, 2013

You're not dying, you're having a baby

I have officially delivered my last baby as a medical student! While that is an exciting thought, it's tempered by the realization that the next baby I deliver will have lots of associated paperwork with it (and I'll have a couple extra letters behind my name). I have been so incredibly impressed by the majority of the Ugandan women who go through childbirth without making a noise - I whine at the smallest pain, so I can't imagine not having an epidural! This week, though, I had so many women grab me and say "Musawo, musawo (doctor, doctor) I am dying! I am dying! Please take me to theater (for a C-section)!" Four weeks ago I probably would have freaked out, grabbed a doctor, done an exam, tried to find pain meds, held the woman's hand for a long time, and coached her through her contractions. By this week, my response was somewhat more brusque: "You're not dying. You're having a baby. Women do this every day. You don't need a C-section. You'll be fine." I definitely feel more comfortable with managing labor and certain complications now, although it's quite different in Uganda compared to the more modern comforts of US hospitals. I haven't decided what to do with my last two weeks - any suggestions? 

In my last post, I mentioned that I would be going on safari - unfortunately, the night before we left I got really sick and had to spend my weekend recuperating in Kampala. Sorry for the lack of awesome pictures! Tomorrow morning we are headed to Sipi Falls for a nice weekend of hiking and relaxing. I don't intend to get sick, so hopefully I'll actually have pictures to post next week! 

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