Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Halfway Home!

Yesterday marked the halfway point in this incredible trip, Europe and all! As life here settles into a routine, there aren't quite as many crazy stories to recount - or at least, the crazy stories are becoming so normal that I don't find them quite as unusual.

It seems as though each week here has had it own emotion attached to it: overwhelmed at the adjustment, shocked at how medicine is practiced in Africa, homesick, sad to say good-bye to friends, and this week I've finally switched to a feeling of gratitude and thanks. Without getting too introspective or emotional, I've come to appreciate so much the friends I've made here, the opportunities for travel, those of you back home who have offered words of support while I've been over here, and mostly, appreciation that I will be able to practice medicine in a setting that encourages patient safety.

Five of us from the house will be headed out on safari this weekend in Murchison Falls- I'll be sure to take some good pictures and post them when I get back!

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